I'm positive about this!

Finally, I've been waiting about a month for this! First, it was sent off then returned, and sent off to another, where the price doubled. So what am I talking about? Let me tell you. I visited Vefa photo back in December where they recommended a real black and white film, the Kodak 100 TMAX. I shot the film, and handed it in for development. But they could not develop it, because it's real black and white negative and can't be processed like the Ilford XP2 400. So it went back and forth, but finally I got it back. And here are some of the pictures. 

So which of the two BW film do I like the best? I don't know. But what I do know is that i'm a big fan of analogue! Just to set the record straight, the camera used is a Konica Autoreflex A.

And let's not forget: I've made another short video. Hope you like.