Does Gear Matter?

Does it really matter? Sure, you can find a million different answers to the questions on the web. It's a question I've been asking myself a lot of times, and some times I am still in doubt. Sometimes, I think it does, and some other time, it doesn't. I must admit I don't think it matters so much; let me elaborate. 

I've been busy, selling a lot of camera equipment, changing systems a tons of times, and still haven't found the perfect setup. But I've come to terms with what I have. 

Let's start at the beginning. This winter I traded my Fuji setup to the Olympus. One main reason is the IBIS (In-Body Image Stabilization) in the Olympus system, but there was also another reason to the change. It has a MFT (Micro Four Third) sensor. Having a MFT sensor results in a crop factor x2 equivalent to a full-frame. What that basically means is that the small sensor you have are closer to your subject - there is a inbuilt "zoom" in the senor. I've always wanted to photograph wildlife, and as we all know, the more zoom equals higher reward (most of the time). So I thought this was a way to get into wildlife, without spending a million. I hope.

I've explained all this to the guy who sold me the Olympus gear - Jeff Ravn - he said his best advice for getting close, wasn't gear, it's you feet. Of course that is obvious, but the thought has been stuck since ever since 

Rewind 4 days back: I discovered Olympus held a cash back campaign. My obsession with gear rekindled, again. I started researching the 75-300mm to see if I could get some extra zoom, at discount. After spending hours looking at reviews, I shut down the computer. Thought to myself if the gear I got wasn't good enough. I grabbed my Olympus with the Lumix 45-150mm, and went outside to see if I could shoot some wildlife with this "small" amount of zoom. This is what I got.

The two original shotd are taken with the 45-150, and the two close ups are just 100% crops of the original equal to a 300mm. So, is it worth spending that much if you can get a decent result only by cropping? I know I'll lose the aspect-ratio, but you'll still get a decent photo by cropping. Or as we just found out, if you want to get closer, use your feet. I know if you photographing lions, you'll probably want to keep a bit of a distance between you and the pack. What I'm trying to point out is that next time you consider buying new gear think about what you have? Is the equipment unable to fulfill your needs? I'll gladly save the money and time spent on research, and instead go out shooting. Let you know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter here.

These are the rest of the shots from the passing week. Hope you enjoy.