Swan Lake

The cliche image

Okay, so I have this drone, and I really want to use it. But i've always said to myself, don't do the classic straight down pictures. Too cliché. 

But last week, a friend and I took the drone for a flight and I took this picture - straight down -  I must admit I really like clichés. So this post will actually be one big one.

Thursday evening I decided to go do some drone shots of a place called Slivsø just South of where I live. Nice summer evening, lovely light and a warm breeze. I set up the drone and began flying. Here is some of what I got.

The "stardust" are insects being lit by the setting sun

But nothing ever go as planed. If you have a closer look at the picture above, you can see a white dot in the middle of the reeds. That is a swan hatching out its eggs. Out of respect for the animal, I did not lower the drone any closer, however, I did not only bring my drone. I grabbed the camera, with the 45-150 lens and tried to get a little closer, so I could get more intimate pictures of the swan. These are the two pictures I ended up with.


I was not satisfied with the results, so I decided to come back the next morning. I woke up way too early to see if I could snap the picture I imagined, and here is what I got.

Way better, much more like I imagined. The way the swan looks at the camera creates a way more interesting image. Still not the best, but acceptable. At the moment I'm not sure if to include this in my portfolio. But let me know what you think. What do you think about the pictures? Are the top down drone shoots to cliché? 

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And for those of you who are interested, I did of course shoot other things than the swan. I've included them in the gallery below.