Playing it Safe

Last week I visited the Northern part of Jutland, more specifically the Thy area. My first though was only to bring my analogue camera, but on second thought, I did also bring my digital camera, including the drone, so I played it safe.


This was the first place I visited, and the most Northern. It's partly known from a tv program called "Gutterne fra Kutterne", and from the way they dock. They drag their fishing boat onto the beach. It's quiet an attraction, and it's really fascinating to watch. Have a look yourself.


Bulbbjerg klint

This is one of my favourite places in Denmark, and it is because of the nature. I was told it's the only bird cliff i Denmark. I did visit it twice this time. 

Ved Vandet

A big inland lake, amazing scenery. If you ever have the possibility to visit this area, you should defiantly do it. The wild life and nature are so amazing. I could spend weeks up there and I'm sure I'd still be surprised by its wastness. 


Now you are probably wondering where the analog pictures have disappeared, now that I had an analog camera. Next week, next week. I'll tell you the whole story, because I have also developed all the negatives myself, right here at the office. Rejoice!

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