Winter Wonderland

Once more the blog is all about the winter, despite the calendar saying spring. The last two weeks have been freezing cold in Denmark with temperatures well below zero. The result of this are frozen beaches. Have a look at and Let me know what you think.

Positive feedback on negatives

This week is a little bit different. I've been experimenting with analoguefilm for a while now, and have had a professional develop some of the film i've taken, and that's all fine, but iI want to show you guys the pictures. So I bought a cheap film strip scanner used, so I could scan the negatives, and I ended up with this result. Far from my expectations! 

So instead I went online to find  a way to scan my negatives, without buying an expensive scanner, and I ended up creating this

After some trail and error I got at satisfying result. Have a look yourself,  and let me know in the comments what you think. It's definitely not the last time I scan analouges.